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                1.2MPa vacuum gas press sintering furnace
                Online inquiry and order


                Applicable for the high temperature sintering of LED fluorescent powder, cemented carbide, compound tool material and special ceramics etc.  


                Gas press sintering furnace is the special apparatus which assures its safety. To come the point, the control system adds the safe PLC or safe relay 

                to ensure no accident happens when electrical control system fails.  

                1 the furnace is designed and made going by the standards of the 2nd pressure vessel. The wall of furnace uses 16MnR or 304.

                2 the furnace door is tightened with the quick-release geared flange, which is safe and reliable, easy to operate.

                3 Furnace cover goes up and down using electric hydraulic mode, simple operation with the less labor intensity.

                4 Material of thermal insulation inside the furnace is carbon deposition composite hard felt, isostatic pressing graphite made in German 

                is used as  heating element.

                5 Electrical control system uses automatic operating mode of PLC plus touching screen, owning safe interlock protective and alarming functions.

                PLC safe mornitoring system:


                Main technical parameters:

                Model: ZTQ-45-21

                1. Rated power: 45KW

                2. Max. temperature: 2100℃

                3. Working temperature: 2000℃

                4. Working zone: ?200X250mm

                5. Final vacuum: 6.67*10-3Pa

                6. Max.sintering pressure: 1.2MPa

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